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More classes may be added, but because I am busy creating my own awesome jewelry, and I am designing more online courses for you, this may be it until next year, so if you want in, grab a seat while they are available!


The World of ‘Vanishing Illusions’

Part one of four Follow the making of one of Kent's most rewarding and challenging art pieces to date! The beginnings of a major project I was contacted in early 2015 by a new client that wanted to commission a major piece, and her only request was that it be designed...

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The World of Vanishing Illusions

Part two of four What did I get myself into? With the prayer wheel finished, the next major hurdle would be to create the caps for both top and bottom of the crystal, and the cage structure for attaching the prayer wheel. I wanted the metal of the caps holding the...

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The World Of Vanishing Illusions

Part three of four A World Unfolds One of the most enjoyable aspects of the project was picking and arranging the stones, and watching the fantasy environment develop around the crystal. One of the first major elements that I made, and one the client had requested,...

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The World of Vanishing Illusions

Part four of four Putting It All Together Now all the different elements and parts were finished: the platinum caps with their multiple shelves were done, the gold stone settings were shaped to fit onto their corresponding shelves, granulated, and the stones set....

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The Making of Wish Upon A Star, Rose Quartz Ring

In this video series, we'll explore how Kent came to the concept of this unique ring. this star rose quartz from madagascar really grabbed my attention, it was such a different stone than I had worked with before, and had an awesome inner light, not to mention the...

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The Making of Omega, Chrome Tourmaline Necklace

I’ve had this incredible chrome tourmaline for many years, and finally made a necklace with it.  The design for the piece sat in my sketchbook for over a year, then I took the plunge! I’ve been playing with setting round stones into diamond shaped tubing, (first seen...

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