Welcome to Going Tubular and Architecture Of A Ring!

We’re so excited to have you in the classroom and can’t wait to help you grow your skills.


1. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Going Tubular. (NOTE: This will open in a new tab so you can come back here to click the link to register for Architecture Of A Ring too.)

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR WELCOME EMAIL. It’ll contain important information about the program that you’ll want to keep in a safe place!

2. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Architecture Of A Ring. 

IMPORTANT: Please choose “I have an existing account” to access Architecture Of A Ring with the same username and password as set up in step 1.

YOU’LL GET A SECOND WELCOME FOR ARCHITECTURE OF A RING. It’ll contain important information about the program, including when you can expect to hear more about the materials and tools you’ll need.

If you have any issues, shoot us an email: info (at) goldenspherestudios (dot) com and we’ll get you straightened out in no time!! To see the Terms & Conditions of this program, click here

See you inside the classroom!

Kent & Lynn Raible