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Dear friends,

It’s time to get creative! Stressful times can have a silver lining…… Do you know that it was during the Gulf war, when our business was dead, that Kent decided to hunker down and just make something he had been dreaming of? That piece was ‘The Floating City’ which made its way, a few years later, into the permanent collection of the Renwick Gallery, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian. You just never know where something will lead!

Please join us, let’s hang out together and make something fabulous!

Stay well,

Lynn and Kent



Hi I’m Kent Raible, pictured here with my wife and partner, Lynn.

In my mid 20’s I sold all my possessions and went to Europe on an extended biking trip, and somehow managed to stay for almost two years, while attending a jewelry program at a school in Germany.

It was there that I was introduced to different approaches than I would have seen in America, and I eventually developed a unique way of building jewelry pieces, using unconventional techniques. My work is unique because I do so many things differently!

My life’s path is that of the goldsmith, a path of over 44 years now! To say I love my job would be an understatement! Because, in a world where few things endure, I am one of those who have chosen to celebrate that which defies the passage of time and the whims of fashion.




‘Moonstone Mandala’ Hand Ornament #1

Part one of three Created for the 2019 American Jewelry Design Council's Theme project 'Polka Dots' 18 Karat Gold, 900 Platinum, Moonstones, Pearls, and Diamonds This was one of those deadline projects, one that I avoided until the last minute. I was extremely busy...

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‘Moonstone Mandala’ Hand Ornament #2

Part 2 of 4 Here I have already formed the dome to the cylinders, and cut the cylinders so that I could create a flat base for the sides of the dome. Only the center bezel and the heavy border wire are fused to the dome so far. Continuing on, I made platinum settings...

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‘Moonstone Mandala’ Hand Ornament #3

Part 3 of 4 My solution for the backside bands. A heavy gauge outer cylindrical form, pierced with a dotty design, will be added to the ring shanks both sides. The design was developed using a sharpie, drawing on the open surface of the shank. The Final Form - More...

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‘Moonstone Mandala’ Hand Ornament #4

Part 4 of 4 Fusing the granules Finishing the piece... The last of the major elements to be attached were the secondary border wires, and two additional platinum tubes at the points. The major construction is complete, and the piece is ready for granulation. Here you...

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The World of ‘Vanishing Illusions’

Part one of four Follow the making of one of Kent's most rewarding and challenging art pieces to date! The beginnings of a major project I was contacted in early 2015 by a new client that wanted to commission a major piece, and her only request was that it be designed...

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The World of Vanishing Illusions

Part two of four What did I get myself into? With the prayer wheel finished, the next major hurdle would be to create the caps for both top and bottom of the crystal, and the cage structure for attaching the prayer wheel. I wanted the metal of the caps holding the...

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