Learn to actually make the jewelry you

dream of creating!

Get ready for an unparalleled learning experience. Tap into Kent Raible’s 50 years of goldsmithing experience and transform your work today!

  • Kent Raible’s in-person workshops are ONLY for jewelers who are:

    1) Committed to advancing their skills NOW. Not next year, not someday, NOW. 2) Ready to have individual attention, direct feedback and be challenged by a true master goldsmith. 3) Interested in learning Kent’s solderless fusing and 18karat gold granulation techniques. 4) Ready to play full out, push yourself and go for the rewards. 5) Have a blast while studying with Kent in his private studio!


  • Our in person workshops are for jewelers who have their basic skills in place.

    You’ve learned what you can from trade schools, videos and YouTube. You are ready to push beyond your own way of working and TRANSFORM your work by learning from a true master!. Kent is ready to answer your questions, share his processes from concept to finished piece, work with you on design and execution, fabrication and so much more! He is literally giving YOU access to his vast knowledge for 5 days!


  • This is not for you if…

    1) You’re not willing to invest time and money in advancing your skills. 2) You’re not ready to focus and apply yourself to creating awesome jewelry! 3) You’re not ready to work in gold. 4) You’re unwilling to learn and use a blowpipe torch for 5 days. 5)You’re too embarrassed to ask questions and be around advanced jewelry makers. 6) You’re willing to let fear hold you back, because we’re playing full out! 


  • The core of the workshop will be learning Kent’s 18 karat gold granulation and solderless fusing techniques. Here are additional areas we can cover….

    • Creating our own stock: From melting and pouring our gold ingots, to the use of rolling mills and drawplates to make your own sheet, different shapes of wire, and tubing stock.

    • Forming and advanced fabrication skills
    • Design, planning and execution of specific projects
    • Stone setting
    • Engraving and graver sharpening skills
    • So many more possibilities!


  • June 3rd – 7th
  • June 24 – 28
  • August 5th – 9th
  • August 26th – 30th


More classes may be added, but because I am busy creating my own awesome jewelry, and I am designing more online courses for you, this may be it until next year, so if you want in, grab a seat while they are available!

Here’s what people who have studied with Kent and who’ve had Kent teach their students have to say…


Kent Raible is not just a modern master. Kent is not just the best granulation artist around. He is not just a fabulous goldsmith and jewelry designer. Kent is also one of the best teachers in the world. He learned at the feet of masters in Germany, as I did, and then he developed his skills even further. Kent taught hundreds of students at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Kent knows his stuff, loves what he does and shares his passion eagerly. His methods are complete and easier than you might think. Take this opportunity! You will only regret it if you don’t.

Alan Revere

Founder and Former Director of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California

Kent is a master of granulation and a wonderful instructor- He also is the best fabricator I have ever known. I teach cloisonné workshops and I have brought Kent in to work with my students. He is very approachable, attentive and thorough, I would love to have him teach in my California classroom anytime!

Truthfully, Kent has inspired plenty of improvement in my work and helped to reignite the passion for making exceptional pieces. I am fusing rather than soldering more and more to build settings. The metalwork on my cloisonné pieces has grown dramatically and I will continue to learn from Kent whenever the opportunity arises. Studying with Kent online is an exciting prospect. I prefer my own tools and workspace, I prefer my own schedule and I prefer my own projects- Now I can have all of this and get Kent’s help too!

Merry-Lee Rae

Being around Kent is a gift. By any measure, he is the most gifted teacher I have ever had the pleasure of being around. He is a combination of teacher, savant, and genius whose ability to share his incredible knowledge is amazing. For example, in class he may demonstrate something that seems difficult or impossible and you say to yourself “I can’t do that” – but guess what – with a combination of his teaching skill and his patience, you find yourself achieving things you never thought possible. I always feel grateful and inspired after any interaction with Kent – he is one of the greatest living goldsmiths – a true genius and a remarkable teacher. I can’t wait to be a student in his new workshop!

John Heldridge

Edmonds, Washington

Here’s What You’ll Need To Participate


  • Gold! You will need a minimum of ½ troy ounce pure gold, I recommend a full ounce.
  • You will use this to make a very specific 18 karat granulation alloy.
  • If you prefer, you can purchase the gold alloy from us for your class needs (priced above spot). We will also be able to take back any uncontaminated scrap you don’t want at the end of class.
  • If you have favorite hand tools of your own, you are welcome to bring them, but all you need in the way of tools will be provided.
  • Closed-toed, clean workshop shoes.
  • Personal magnifying eye-wear and safety glasses.

What happens when you go back to your own studio?

  • You’ll be given access to our private granulation Facebook group to get continued support!
  • You’ll have detailed information to get your studio set up to granulate!
  • You’ll receive a discount code to tool up with Otto Frei!


Because this is my private studio, I want to know a little about you, your skill level and your goals, so that we can do our best to know if we are a good match to work together this summer.


  • Once we receive your application, please allow up to 10 days for us to review and get back to you via email.
  • Your email response, if accepted, will include a contract and invoice which is due within 48 hours of receipt. **Please note that if you do not respond within this 48 hour period, you will forfeit your spot. **
  • Once your contracts are signed, payment of half the class cost is due immediately. The other half is due 90 days after the first payment (or 60 days prior to the start date of class if your class date begins less than 90 days from your first payment).


Class sizes are small and fill up quickly, so get your application in today!


The blowpipe is an awesome tool for the solderless fusing technique I use for most of my 18K fabrication and granulation. In a nutshell, this involves the introduction of a copper salt to the parts of gold or seams that will be joined. The reducing flame provided by the blowpipe acts on the copper salt to reduce it to pure copper, which then starts to blend with the gold at a very high temperature. As the copper liquifies the surface of the gold, capillary attraction causes the liquid metal to flow into the areas to be joined! Definitely my favorite way to work!


I do about 90% of my gold and silver joining and soldering operations with the propane blowpipe, and I absolutely love using it. This torch provides easy and quick adjustment of the flame as I work, and can produce a variety of flames, from pinpoint oxidizing heat, to large, reducing flames for general heating and granulation. The large reducing flames are great for inhibiting oxidation of my metals at high heat. I also find that the act of breathing into my work helps me focus on what I’m doing. The pilot light eliminates the need for repeated lighting of the torch as I work.

Learning to use this torch is a lot like learning to engage a clutch while driving a car. Because you are using your breath to supply the oxygen, you have to learn to coordinate breathing with the gas dial, without running out of breath while you’re working. It’s a lot like using your gas pedal and the clutch pedal at the same time, while also steering.This requires a new skill set: pushing some breath out through the air tube to get the pressure you need (which varies as you are working) while adjusting the propane with your hand, while breathing normally and focusing on the desired outcome of the operation.

Like driving a car, this will become second nature as you practice, and the benefits of using this torch are worth it!



I’m often asked how I set up my workshop, my bench, and what my workflow looks like. Now you will be able to see and experience it for yourself!

  • Immerse yourself in an old world style goldsmithing studio
  • Custom made goldsmithing benches with lots of room to work
  • Small class sizes = lots of individual attention
  • 6 students, three soldering stations, two rolling mills, lots of forming tools, smithing/forming area, lots of natural light, and so much more! ***PLEASE NOTE – Workbenches are not 6′ apart.

Hi, I’m Kent Raible

For the first time ever, I will be opening up my new private studio to share the knowledge I have gained in nearly 50 years of metalsmithing – teaching you techniques, design skills, and more, to help you create the jewelry of your dreams!

I am streamlining my knowledge so that I can offer you a direct route to up-level your skills in specific areas. You will be able to dive deeper into the creative manipulation of metal and create more beautifully executed and complex designs.

Thank you for following along here. I love making jewelry, and plan to continue to push beyond my own boundaries as I always have. Now, I want to help you do the same.

I hope you will join me here in my studio, I can’t wait to see what you will make next!



$200.00 cancellation fee. Full refund (less the fee) if cancelled 60 days prior to start of class. If under 60 days, refund, less fee, only if we can fill the spot.


We are located in southwestern Washington state, between Portland and Seattle.

We recommend flying into Portland Oregon, or Seattle Washington. We always prefer the Portland airport. Closer, less traffic, and overall a better experience. We are less than two hours from Portland, a little over two hours from Seattle.

There are vacation rentals in the area, as well as a very basic hotel, and campgrounds.

Details of exact location and suggestions of where to stay etc. will be provided once you have registered for the class.


Want to stay in the area longer and enjoy the Pacific Northwest? Summer in the Pacific Northwest is sublime! Within 1-3 hours from the studio you can find some of the most beautiful places on earth! Mt. Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, Olympic National Park with four rainforests, hiking, fishing, Portland, Seattle! Loads of fun to be had!