Part 3 of 4

My solution for the backside bands. A heavy gauge outer cylindrical form, pierced with a dotty design, will be added to the ring shanks both sides. The design was developed using a sharpie, drawing on the open surface of the shank.

The Final Form – More Choices to be Made

So, a very nice tapered form to the back of the double ring developed, but the cylinders in the back were still just thin metal.

The solution I came up with, to both strengthen the metal, and provide the right design element was this: I rolled out a thick sheet of gold, bent it round to fit over the cylinders, cut out two tapered shapes from this thick metal, and then pierced out a matching dotty design for both sides, before attaching them to the original ring blank cylinders.

Both sides are now fitted with their tapered design elements. Final removal of extra metal, and the addition of the finials ate still to come.

This finished out the back very nicely, but still left one remaining design problem, something I couldn’t have anticipated when I started….

How to finish the open-ended sides that were created when I cut the ring cylinders. My solution to this was to add a 6mm moonstone finial to the end of each side of the ring! I liked this solution because it gave focal interest to the ring both looking straight down from the top, and also looking directly from the sides.

Here is the finial, which will be soldered on after the rest of the piece is granulated.

I’m ready to watch the final installment in Kent’s ‘Polka Dot Mandala’ series! Take me there!

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