Part 4 of 4

Fusing the granules

Finishing the piece…

The last of the major elements to be attached were the secondary border wires, and two additional platinum tubes at the points.

The major construction is complete, and the piece is ready for granulation. Here you can also see another, larger platinum bezel has been added to the point, which will hold a diamond. This was added after several options were considered.
Fusing the granules

Now it was time to add the granulation, which was done in two separate firings, the top, and the back.

The last step before setting, was soldering on the two finials.

The finials are on, and the last finishing work done. Here I’m beginning to flush set a diamond into one of the platinum dots.

So there you have it! My very first competed jewelry project in my new studio!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

‘Moonstone Mandala’ was made for the American Jewelry Design Council’s 2019 theme project ‘Polka Dots’. To find out more about the AJDC and to see more of Kent’s AJDC projects click here.

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